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Core Value:

Many supplement companies offer fantastic promises with little or no information to back up their claims. Others hide behind secret “proprietary” blends, which may contain only trace elements of the advertised ingredients. We don’t take shortcuts or skimp on effective ingredients just to save a buck, and we don’t use “fillers.”

We at Nemesis Physiques always let our customers know exactly what is in our products and guarantees quality with rigorous testing. Only A grade pharmacautical ingredients are used in our products!

The  Nemesis Physiques brand is built on and represented through an everyday adherence to the “OWN IT” mentality. From the gym to the stage, at home, and in our relationships with colleagues, customers, and industry affiliates, this commitment never waivers.

We strive for perfection and success but always remain committed to our unwavering integrity and values while helping to bring out the best in others. Step up to this pursuit of excellence and OWN IT  with the NEMESIS PHYSIQUES SUPPLEMENT team.

OUR dream

Nemesis Physiques started out as a a dream of an avid bodybuilding and fitness enthusiast and trainer. 

Hannes worked as a personal trainer and sales rep in the supplement sales industry and dealt with multiple clients on a daily basis requesting affordable quality supplements to help achieve their respective fitness goals.

Most clients complained that the majority of supplements currently on the market did not live up to the standars they advertised and did not produce the promised results. Realising that most supplements weren’t healthy for the human body and grossly over priced, he made it his personal project and mission to develop clean, high performance A grade supplements suitable for all fitness and sport industry enthusiasts.

Being a bodybuilding competitor himself he set out to be his own guinea pig. Through trail and error and working hand in hand with lab technicians modifying ingredients all the way down to molecular levels the birth of the first product was announced. What followed was a range of pure products developed with the avid fitness client in mind.

By keeping the core vision of each fitness client close to heart….Nemesis Physiques was born!

We value our clients and their input and feedback towards our products take top priority. Without their valued support, Nemesis Physiques would never have been possible.


Our vision, is to be the leading health and sports supplement brand in South Africa and abroad.

Our mission is to always stay true to our clients by providing them with pure, high performance supplements that not only prove to be effective and show results but to also provide value for money. We strive to not just cater to the bodybuilding and sport industry but also to the beginners, the average Joe’s and Joan’s striving to better their health and physiques.

We believe in giving back and leaving a legacy for the younger generation to build on, hence our commitment and passion to get involved in social development and charity organizations.

With the above in mind, you might ask Where are we heading? and What our limits would be?….Honestly….well we have no limits. We don’t believe that limits exist in our industry. We work with dreams and passions and will forever strive to be our clients ultimate stop for health, fitness and wellness products by extending our high-quality product range frequently.

We work hand in hand with SA’s best labs  who make use of various universities, professional qualified doctors and highly experienced specialists to provide us the ability to perform advanced product research and development.

This greatly improves product efficacy,safety,stability and longevity to keep our products up to date clean and effective



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